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I have been in internet marketing since the 1999, starting out with having a computerized embroidery machine and sold custom embroidery apparel online by creating a website I back engineered and applying to a bank for their credit card processing. It was a big thing back then to get this done and approved. Now you can accept payments with a click of a button with no application procedures.

We have come a long way since then. I have been in so many make money online programs that I lost count, and paid a lot of money. Some were good, some were rip offs and some were great.

There were a few internet businesses I have made good money but decided not to quit my career as an aircraft mechanic and put my internet ambitions aside for a while.

Now that I am retired and would like extra income coming in for my retirement years. I have started researching and joining some online systems that can honestly give you an extra income everyone needs. Some of systems I have followed the owners for years and know of their integrity.

Some I have listed will take some time and effort, some just a little effort in the beginning but will later run almost on autopilot. Also, I am including work from home opportunities from employers if you want a regular work schedule but using your skills at home instead of having to commute to a job location.

There are few Internet Marketing Gurus in which I trust and those I do not. I will only show you those you can trust and I have vetted and am using myself.

At the end of this report I will give you some cool side hustles that others have vetted. I just want to give you all the best information possible so you can make your own decision on what you want to do for extra income. Everyone is different and I want to provide every honest source out there for you. Just do not go for too many at once or you will get overwhelmed, pick one or two to start out with and master those before moving on.

This is a work in progress so go to my website … from time to time to find updates to this report. Everything I have will be on my site and Facebook groups.

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